Maya Nilo (Laura)

Synopsis : Old Irma’s daughters and granddaughter take the road to go see her in Sagres, Portugal. Laughter, arguments and heartbreaks follow. Nilo is a feminist writer, living an orderly life with her husband and teenager Laura. When her irresponsible sister Maya, whose projects constantly tend to bomb, ‘kidnaps’ Nilo’s Volvo and daughter and heads south, Nilo tags along. The goal is Portugal, where the sisters' complicated mother lives with Maya’s son, who it has finally become time to take responsibility for.

Festival History : BFI London Film Festival, Seattle International Film Festival, Sydney Film Festival

Director : Lovisa Sirén
Producer : Julia Gebauer, Siri Hjorton Wagner
Screenplay : Peter Modestij, Lovisa Sirén
DOP : Lisabi Fridell
Editor : Lovisa Sirén
Cast : Bahar Pars, Fredrick Lycke, Matteo Lima Alves

Lovisa Sirén

Lovisa Siren is a director, editor and writer, who directed her first short film ‘Himalaya’ in 2013. It was followed by ‘Pussy Have the Power’, which won the Best Swedish Short Award at the Göteborg International Film Festival. She is also known for ‘Audition’ (2015) and ‘Baby’ (2016).


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