Stories not to be told / Historias para no contar

Synopsis : The film narrates situations in which we can recognize ourselves and that we would prefer not to explain, and even forget. Unexpected encounters, ridiculous moments or absurd decisions, five stories with an acid and compassionate look at the inability to govern our own emotions. ‘Stories Not to be Told’ shines the comedic spotlight on those situations we’ve all found ourselves in, but which we’d rather no one ever knew about, or which we wish we could forget about altogether.

Festival History : Toronto International Film Festival

Director : Cesc Gay
Producer : Marta Esteban
Screenplay : Cesc Gay
DOP : Andreu Rebés
Editor : Liana Artigal
Cast : Alex Brendemühl, Anna Castillo, Jose Coronado

Cesc Gay

Cesc Gay has worked on a variety of projects. He has directed independent titles such as the dramatic adaptation ‘Nico and Dani’ (2000) with Fernando Ramallo and ‘Hotel Room’ (2003). He has also to his credit, ‘In the City’ (2003) and comedic drama ‘Ficcio’ (2006) and ‘V.O.S.’ (2009).

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