No End / Bi Payan

Synopsis : Ayaz is an honest man wanting a house of his own. Meanwhile, he and his wife stay with his mother-in-law, investing all their money in the construction of their future home. The family lives comfortably with the money being sent by his wife’s brother who lives abroad. When he decides to return, Ayaz in a moment of desperation stages a theft in his house, hoping to postpone his brother-in-law’s return. His plan works a bit too well and word reaches the secret service.

Festival History : Busan International Film Festival

Director : Nader Saeivar
Producer : Said Nur Akkus (Art Hood)
Screenplay : Nader Saeivar
DOP : Hamid Mehrafrouz
Editor : Jafar Panahi
Cast : Vahid Mobasheri, Shahin Kazem Najad,Fahime Jahani, Narges Delaram

Nader Saeivar

Nader Saeivar (B. 1975, Tabriz) is an Iranian writer and director who started his career in 1992 with
short films. He won the best screenplay award in Cannes 2018 for ‘3 Faces’ (2018) alongside Jafar Panahi. He also
has a master's degree from University of Tehran and is a teacher in the field of Cinema in various institutes and

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