Khajurao Ananad aur Mukti

Khajurao Ananad aur Mukti

Synopsis : The Khajuraho Temples are popularly known for erotic sculptures. But there are philosophical mysteries hidden behind the erotic reliefs. The mysteries of Yoga and Samkhya at the Lakshman Temple of Khajuraho are unveiled in this documentary. All the erotic and non-erotic imagery is an integral part of Vedic and Puranic Hindu culture explains Dr Devangana Desai. The Khajuraho Lakshman Temple, considered as an abode of Vaikuntha Vishnu, unravels these aspects in its supremely exquisite art forms in the film.

Director : Ramji Om, Deepika Kothari
Producer : Vishuddhi Films, DeshApnayen Foundation
Screenplay : Ramji Om
DOP : Ramji Om
Editor : Santosh Kumar Rout
Cast : Ramji Om

Deepika Kothari

Dr. Deepika Kothari, a scientist has diversified into documentary filmmaking on Indian thought, culture and yoga, with films like History of Yoga and the Indian Civilization Series.

Ramji OM

Ramji OM IRAS, working with the Western Railway is an ardent practitioner of Yoga and has made films like History of Yoga and the Indian Civilization Series.

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This film screens as part of the program Yaanam / Khajurao Ananad aur Mukti
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