Synopsis : Yaanam portrays India's dream project ‘Mangalyaan’ (Mars Orbiter Mission) as the first Science-Sanskrit film in the history of world cinema. It shows the capabilities and expertise of the Indian Space Research Organization, the stellar performances of the talented space scientists and the importance of Sanskrit language, revealing how India overcame an arduous interplanetary journey for a monumental victory in the first attempt itself. It is based on the autobiographical book ‘My Odyssey’ by former ISRO Chairman, Padmabhushan Dr. Radhakrishnan.

Director : Vinod Mankara
Producer : Dr. A.V. Anoop, AVA Productions
Screenplay : Vinod Mankara
DOP : S.B. Prajith
Editor : Vishnu Puliyara
Cast : Prof. Aliyar

Vinod Mankara

Vinod Mankara is a National Award-winning film director and writer from Kerala with five feature films in Malayalam, Sanskrit and Tamil, and more than 600 documentaries to his credit.


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