The Spell of Purple

The Spell of Purple

Synopsis : Inaas, the sole owner of a small field in tribal Gujarat, is the target of envious neighbours who brand her a ‘witch’. Enveloped in fear, she looks for strength in other women – a new mother dealing with loneliness and a young married woman forced to reckon with turmoil of her own. The Mahua forest bears silent witness to their secret conversations, sometimes reaching out through ancient folk songs. The film captures the bone-deep weariness that often lies behind such women’s daily courage.

Director : Prachee Bajania
Producer : FTII/Bhupendra Kainthola
Screenplay : Prachee Bajania
DOP : Rajesh Amara Rajan
Editor : Srujana
Cast : Swati Das, Shraddha Kaul, Vidisha Purohit.

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