The film is about a primary school located near the banks of the Brahmaputra River, which is the life line of many tribes in Assam. The main struggle of the teachers of the school is to keep it running. Reason? It has only one student, named Boomba. But a time comes when the school is on the verge of collapse. Boomba with his wisdom saves his school making all of them realise that what education can do to a society.

Cast And Credits

Director : Biswajeet Bora
Producer : Quatermoon Productions
Screenplay : Biswajeet Bora
DOP : Jiten Boro, Atul Sargiyari
Editor : Biswajeet Bora
Cast : Indrajeet Pegu, Sadagar Dao, Hiranya Pegu, Dipali


Biswajeet Bora

Biswajeet Bora is a filmmaker, producer, editor and writer. His Hindi and Assamese films include ‘Aisa Yeh Jahaan’, ‘Bahniman’, ‘Raktabeez’, ‘Phehujali’, and ‘God on the Balcony’.