When he arrives at a Catholic boarding school, Goran finds himself stifled - 'instant' religion is rammed down his throat. He rejects it; his stance is that you should not believe something that is forced upon you. Even when everyone turns against him, he stands firm and does his best not to succumb to the oppression of the majority.

Festival History

FEST International Film Festival 2020 - Nominee Belgrade Victor - Best Film- Main Program

Cast And Credits

Director : Ognjen Svilicic
Producer : Damir Terešak, Nikolina Vucetic Zecevic
Screenplay : Ognjen Sviličić, Marijana Verhoef
DOP : Marinko Marinkić
Editor : Natasa Pantic
Cast : Franko Jacovcevic, Belma Salkunic, Igor Kovac, Karla Brbic, Barbara Vickovic


Ognjen Svilicic

Split, Croatia native Ognjen Svilicic began his career in television and as a script doctor for filmmakers such as Branko Schmidt. Svilicic is also a professor of screenwriting at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb. His filmography includes Wish I Were a Shark (1999), Sorry for Kung Fu (2004), Armin (2007) and Two Sunny Days (2010), These are the Rules (2014).