Living by playing rock music is like walking a thorny field. This is the case with Karen, who plays the trumpet in a Brazilian band. A band adding a trumpet to psychedelic punk rock. Only a few audiences come to their non-popular performances. The job having for a living is not conducive to her music, and she takes care of her family, including her sick grandfather. Karen goes to Berlin with her ex-boyfriend but returns alone with hard memories. And she learns that her colleagues have left for a normal life. The film asks what it means to play music in a time when rock died. Karen is 27 years old and too young to give up. In the passion for music, it encourages those who continue to music without giving up.

Săo Paulo International Film Festival | Best Cinematography and the Best Editing 52nd Brasilia Film Festival

Cast And Credits

Director : Gustavo Galvăo
Producer : Sara SILVEIRA, Gustavo GALVĂO
Screenplay : Gustavo Galvăo
DOP : Andre Carvalheira
Editor : Marcius Barbieri
Cast : Ayla Gresta, Gustavo Halfeld, Steven Lange, Marat Descartes, Vanessa Gusmão


Gustavo Galvão

Gustavo Galvão was born in Brasília, Brazil . Graduated in Journalism at University of Brasília and specialized in Filmmaking at Escuela Universitaria de Artes y Espectáculos (Madrid, Spain), he has directed seven short films from 2002 to 2008. His first feature film, Nine Chronicles for a Screaming Heart was awarded a special mention of the FIPRESCI Jury at the 31st International Film Festival in Uruguay (2013). We Still Have the Deep Black Night is his third feature film as director, writer and producer. It was also released in 17 cities in Brazil and was selected for some of the top ranked festivals in Latin America: Havana, BAFICI (Buenos Aires), São Paulo, and Brasilia.