This is a story of dreaming the impossible and making it happen. Kamlu's ambition in life is to fly to fly up into the clouds to the top of the rainbow to see his mom and dad who had to leave for war and never returned. Kamlu has his band of buddies. Bhola, Leela, Longo, the 'lungoor' monkey, and Mangli, the magic bird. Shera, the bandit, along with Naga and Bakru, has forcefully occupied an ancient well and extorts money from poor villagers. Kamlu and his friends including Leela, the princess of the desert kingdom, threatens Shera who rides away only to return and kidnap Leela. Come Kamlu now vows to rescue Leela from the clutches of Shera. But does Kamlu remember how to summon the power within himself?

Cast And Credits

Director : Govind Nihalani
Producer : Blue Lion Entertainment Company
Screenplay : Govind Nihalani
Editor : Govind Nihalani
Animation : Krayon Pictures


Govind Nihalani

Govind Nihalani is an eminent director-cinematographer with 18 acclaimed feature films and 12 National Awards to his credit. He was conferred the Padma Shri in in 2002.