Nazar, Rumia's lover, comes to the workshop of her ex-husband Arsen. He looks into his computer and finds a file in it that changes his life. Nazar penetrates the secret of Arsen, who created fiction and disappeared into it, like a certain artist from China who painted a fantastic picture, penetrated it and disappeared forever from the world of people.

Festival History

Tallin Black Nights International Film Festival 2021

Cast And Credits

Director : Marat Sarulu
Producer : Akjol Bekbolotov
Screenplay : Marat Sarulu, Emil Jumabaev
DOP : Boris Troshev
Editor : Arzhuna Asanov, Azat Mamunov
Cast : Jyldyz Bekova Akmaral Uzbekova Kurmanbek Mamyrov Aziz Yusupov